A Better U CBD

Hi, I'm Jeanie! 

For the last 14 years, I’ve ran my own Daycare Center which means long hours on your feet and every odd position kids from 3 months to 4 years old can put you into. It’s an extremely rewarding profession however, it’s taken a toll on my body.

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with arthritis, tendonitis and a herniated disc. My discs are narrow from L1-L5 with the lower disc pinching a nerve. You can imagine the shooting pain that ran down my leg.

My Doctor told me to go to Pain Management. I've tried the shots before and they work for a couple of months then it's rinse and repeat with no end in sight. All recommended medication made me drowsy or caused a weight gaining side effect that made my daily functions more difficult. I had almost given up hope until I came across this great product, CBD oil by HoneyB Healthy Living. I couldn't believe it! After 3 weeks of regular use, I was pain free. 

Here I am 2 months later with no need to visit Pain Management, schedule physical therapy, repetitive Co-pay’s, hospital waiting lines or excruciating pain at the end of my busy day. It’s been a life changing discovery thanks to HoneyB Healthy Living.

To learn more about cannabidiols (CBD) and what it can potentially do for you, visit the links below: