CBD Tinctures



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Looking for the absolute best performing CBD products on the market?  Look no further. Honey B Healthy Living and Ricky Williams have teamed up to provide the highest quality and highest potency CBD on the market.  With our combined efforts on attention to Quality, Potency, and Performance it is understandable why Honey B Healthy Living is the most trusted name in the industry.

The majority of the Hemp CBD products on the market only use the stalks, stems, and seeds of the Hemp plant.  At Honey B, we focus in on the higher CBD concentration areas of the plant which allows us to continuously provide our customers with the highest potency and best quality products on the market.

Honey B Healthy Living Hemp CBD is derived from a Colorado Department of Agriculture Certified Hemp crop right here in the United States.  Most other Hemp CBD companies import their products out of Europe, China, and Canada.  These overseas Hemp plants are typically grown for their stalks and seeds and CBD production is considered to be a byproduct.  Our Hemp plants are grown to provide the highest potency of CBD first and foremost, this is why our customers see such a difference in our per milligram concentration vs. our competitors per milligram concentration.  We also use only non-GMO, pesticide free and herbicide free Hemp plants.